We are extremely proud to manufacture all of our lures right here in America. American born, American proud! Join us as we travel around the US catching the biggest game with our amazing lures!

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        Russelure Made in the USA


 Sarasota, Florida

 The Houston, Texas Capt. Bill Platt of The Papotanic and his crew fished 100 miles southwest of Sarasota and at ten o' clock pulled a kingfish that weight 49.26 over the gunwale. "we were fishing a spot in 160 feet of water trolling blue runners, but were being harassed by a hungry shark, so being from Texas, we dropped lines off the back with a Russelure which is made in our great state," said Platt. " I know live bait is how all of us fish but we wanted to fish the area and we thought we'd try this because the sharks just woulden't leave us alone. it worked it took us a total of seven minutes to get the gaff into her. The Russelure did everything the manufacturer told us they would do."

 Papotanic Wins Sertoma with a 49.26!